Member Roster

Member Availability

Union members are scheduled by single or group seniority, in jobs ordered by the Port’s stevedoring companies. Based on communication with the Local members, the Dispatcher’s objective is to identify each member’s available work status and classify their status by selecting the appropriate Availability filter.

Member Roster Updated Simultaneously in Scheduler

Member Availability, Reminder Notes and Availability Filters changed in this module are simultaneously updated in the Member Roster on the left side of the Split Screen Scheduler, and vise versa.

Availability Roster Filters used for Mark-Up or Mark-Off

Availability filters are used to identify each member’s availability to Mark-Up or Mark-Off. Using a drop-down menu, filters are easily inserted adjacent to member’s name. The six “sortable” filters available in this module can be renamed in the RapidDispatch Global Settings Module.

  • A – Available
  • D – Day Work
  • N – Night Work
  • M-F –Monday/Friday (Continuity)
  • AO – Any other Job
  • MO-Mark Off

Reminders: Dispatcher can use any combination of words or letter codes

Availability Filters Show/Hide features Minimize Scrolling

By turning Availability Filters on or off, dispatcher can choose if he wants to see the current availability of ALL members, hide the names of casual members, or see only the names of members who are only identified with specific availability filters, i.e. “N” or “D” or M-F, U.

Other functions available in Member Roster

  1. Members can be added individually, or imported from a spreadsheet
  2. Member Profiles can be individually edited
  3. Members and be Sorted according by groups, Rated and Casual
  4. A search function is available to find an individual member
  5. Roster can be Re-ordered manually
  6. Each member’s annual work hours can be added individually or imported a spreadsheet
  7. A print out of the Roster, identifying all member available for a specific day can be printed and Achieved in Roster.