Facility/Job Builder

Build Facilities

Using a convenient drop down menu, pre-loaded with the names of local stevedoring companies and terminals, dispatcher can “build” and schedule a facility, then insert pre-programmed facility job profiles, based on work orders from local stevedoring companies.

Reuse Facilities

“Pre-Built” facilities with existing job profiles, terminals and stevedoring companies can be saved, reused and repopulated. The handy Edit mode allows dispatcher to manually update any component of a facility before sending it to the Scheduler.

Job Profiles

Primary Job Profiles are “Pre-Built” for each facility. Included in the job profile is a display of the Start Time, the job-type (Day, Night, and Continuity), Date of Job, Job Title and Alternate Location (if necessary). Once the facility is built, and jobs are in place, it is sent to the scheduler.

Replacement Jobs

Replacement jobs are ONLY added in the Scheduler. Any number of replacement job positions can be added in the scheduler under the primary job position.